Pre Production

  • Extensive R & D to ensure we can maintain quality and high productivity.
  • Style wise PP Meeting, setting up check points and inspection points before starting production.
  • We do detailed PPM with all the workers before proceeding in production.
  • We make sure to solve the major issues & try to make the style production viable.


  • 100% Fabric checking using 4 points Inspection system.
  • Following all necessary quality management systems required by M&S.
  • Latest CAD software to ensure minimum utilization of fabric.
  • Fabric Relaxation process with panel washing to arrest shrinkage and spiraling.


  • In-line checking points and 100% end-line checking.
  • Deskilling processes using equipment to ensure consistent quality standards.
  • Direct Feedback from Auditor to ensure defects are controlled from the very first stage.


  • Complete Checking Guide for each style with procedure and critical points is given to the workforce.
  • Independent Audit Team checking with 2.5 AQL Standards.
  • Strong Independent Internal Audit Team to certify quality for each shipment.